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It is safe to say we enjoy one of the purest environments in the world. From mountains to lush green valleys, black sand beaches to rain-forests, we are fortunate to have a place for you to visit that will leave you in awe. There comes a responsibility however with that honour and privilege, and that is to work hard at reducing our footprint.

We are committed to doing just that by creating eco travels that comfortably combine luxury with our green environment allowing our guests to value the experience while leaving very little impact along the way.

So we are the first tour company in New Zealand to launch our "Eco Travels" portfolio of experiences.

Using state-of-the-art Tesla 100% Electric Cars and working with cool local companies such as SNAP, we are able to create the most luxurious eco travel experiences, where customers drive the latest electric cars to destinations around the North Island of New Zealand for a 100% Pure New Zealand experience.

Whether it is a driving holiday using our Tesla fleet before you rest in our eco friendly accommodation, or the fact that our private chefs do not cook your food from plastic containers or plastic wrapping, we ensure that every detail is nailed when it comes to leaving the environment in tip top shape.

We carefully select our properties that can truly walk the walk and ensure that all products or services we use are either bio-degradable, recyclable, sustainable or sensitive to the environment. Our properties have a real commitment to sustainability using spray-free vegetables, herbs and fruit.

'Bio Cycle' sewerage systems turn sewerage into clean water that is used to irrigate native planting and non-edible gardens. The landscaping is constructed from recycled timber products and native planting is continuous and extensive. The water supply is collected rain water and drinking water is filtered from the rain. LED lighting is used extensively and our properties work hard to promote energy saving policies whilst at the same time retaining the "luxury" of the experience. Cleaning products used are eco-friendly.

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