Planning for the 36th America's Cup in Auckland 2021 is going ahead at full speed for the interim amid challenging business times. The teams are out training and testing the performance of their designs whilst back here at home at Love My New Zealand, its business as usual as we are busily working away to deliver a fantastic spectator experience for a world class event. Not only are we dealing with literally thousands of spectators and viewers across the globe, but organizing the on-the-water viewing experience where our Lion NZ and Steinlager 2 boats will be situated amongst a fleet of the most exciting vessels in the world including six 130ft J boats. The 36th America's Cup is truly set to be the most exciting yet and a glimmer of hope in such uncertain times.

Managing the Race Day

In Auckland 2021, there will be five course options depending on the wind direction on any one day. Each course will have spectator positioning and management around the perimeter of the courses that are chosen on the day. Fortunately having an on-course experience is much easier and safer under the new look America's Cup. In years gone by, spectator craft followed the race boats from mark to mark to capture the close match racing action which created major on-course problems. The turbulent wash from a pursuing fleet effected the race boats and often caused accidents. The 36th America's Cup will see a more organised and positive spectator viewing experience.

Thankfully since the advent of high speed foiling yachts capable of reaching 50 knots, following the action is much easier with boats slotted into positions lining the perimeter of the course. To further make the America's Cup experience amazing, state-of-the-art streaming services will capture and distribute live action on digital platforms ( mobile phones, I-pads etc ) to maximize the exposure. The racing will also be broadcast by TVNZ to a national audience on free-to-air television, and heard on Newstalk ZB and Radio SportAll matches will also be streamed live over the America’s Cup digital platforms world-wide. Every platform will be made available to you.

Your Race Day Experience - What You Can Expect

Back to race days and what you can expect with a glass of your favourite beverage in one hand and gourmet food in the other. Spectator craft including Steinlager 2 and Lion NZ will be stationary around the edges of the virtual boundaries and our skippers assure us they will ensure we have pride of place. How the on-course observation and management system works is yet to be announced but for those of us who witnessed the 2017 Cup in Bermuda, the course set-up in Auckland is likely to be similar to how spectator craft were placed on station for the duration of the Bermudan Cup races.

To further maximize your America's Cup experience, Steinlager 2 and Lion New Zealand will be amidst a fleet of the most exciting vessels in the world, six magnificent 130ft plus J Boats are coming to race in Auckland and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) say they have inquiries from up to 90 Superyachts let alone Auckland100’s of resident fleets. Of course to be in that company aboard two of the world’s iconic around the world racing Maxis watching the latest ‘foiling yachts’ in full flights will be something to behold.

What You Will See

The Whiz of a blade, the flash of a sail, a quick grind with a face engrossed in winning before they have gone again, each day a different day.

For those who have attended previous America's Cup regattas, you will know that the race boats are now incredibly fast and for those who want to see some action but know very little about how to do this, managing expectations is key to you the guest.

The boats now mean the technology and engineering result in speeds we have never seen before and this world series will see new challenges, successes, high and lows in a fast paced race scenario.

Auckland will be buzzing as the ocean pounds in our blood so with the vessels we have the exclusive use of from Steinlager 2 sailed by Sir Peter Blake around the world in the Whitbread Around the World race and still unbeaten along with the might Lion New Zealand as our flagship vessels supported by other great vessels of stature, we are about providing an on the water experience for a race day that will mean you will see, hear, feel and be a part of the overall excitement, the buzz and the tension as the teams begin.

Our sailing crews are some of the most highly respected and experienced professional sailors and know these vessels intimately which is why they on the day, will navigate you to the best places to be a part of a world class event. However, there has to be realistic expectations in that you may only see the whiz of a blade, the flash of a sail, a quick grind with a face engrossed in winning before they have gone again. So to avoid disappointment, we need you to understand that what can be seen will be on each and every day as it is on our interest to deliver to you the best of the action around the rules, regulations and safety of the day. 

There will be tech on board for you to also watch live what is happening just a few meters from you and of course mix that with great beverages of the finest wines New Zealand has to offer, ice cold beers, the best of Auckland cuisine and sailing until your heart wants to burst with the pleasure of being alive, we know you will enjoy a race day in what could be unpredictable days.  

Our Approach

Here at Love My New Zealand, we are working  hard to curate the best possible spectator experience at all levels combing the America's Cup thrill with race viewing technology so you don't miss a second of the action. Our exclusive access to historic America's Cup boats means your location on race day will be pride of place amongst the most incredible of spectator boats not to forget our highly skilled crew positioning us for the ultimate views of the 36th America's Cup races. No length is spared when it comes to making your experience world class from the atmosphere to the beautiful on-board food cooked by our private chef, to your ice cold beverages and means of viewing.

If this sounds like you, reach out and talk to Sharon today. Limited race days available so be sure to secure your spot and set sail on your once in a lifetime America's Cup experience.