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America's Cup 2021 Launch Dates Imminent.
Larry | 16 August 2019
The yachting world holds its breathe as the first of the four (confirmed ) entrants to the 36th America’s Cup prepare to launch their first AC75 foiling mono-hulls. In the coming weeks these weird speed ‘blow boats’...
Auckland America's Cup 2021 Harbour Action.
Sharon | 15 August 2019
When I look at the infrastructure that is going into the exciting America's Cup village in Auckland and how fast we are moving towards The America's Cup in 2021, what stands out for me is all the visitors who...
America's Cup Heating Up.
Larry Keating | 25 July 2019
With America’s Cup action on Auckland’s Waitemata harbour set to begin in 2021, the city’s waterfront development is ahead of schedule to deliver the base areas currently being prepared for the challengers...
America's Cup The Mule.
Larry Keating | 30 March 2019
Out on Pensacola Bay Florida, the combination of a fantastical-looking test boat called 'Mule' and technology from Airbus is giving the New York Yacht Club’s 'American Magic' a flying start...
Beneath The Sheets - America's Cup.
Larry Keating | 7 March 2019
Auckland’s preparation for the 36th America’s Cup gathers pace. With two years today until the first race takes place, Auckland Council is working hard to put the necessary infrastructure in place...
Beneath The Sheets - America's Cup.
Larry Keating | 15 January 2019
We are now just 25 months from the start of the 2021 America’s Cup in Auckland. Apart from the obvious construction of the America’s Cup syndicate base facilities currently under way...
Beneath The Sheets - America's Cup.
Larry Keating | 10 December 2018
Malta enters the America's Cup. Finally something to write about for the build-up to the 2021 America’s Cup. Malta has found the wherewithal to pass the scrutiny of the Cup's organisers...
Luxury Eco Tour Experiences Auckland.
Sharon | 10 February 2018
We are absolutely delighted to be named winner of the Travel & Hospitality Award Most Innovative Tour Company of the Year 2018 throughout Oceania. This is such a wonderful award...

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